Village Regulations

Entering the village implies accepting and fully complying with these regulations


1. Upon arrival and before entering the facility, Guests must provide their identification documents and those of their group, valid and with a photograph, at the Reception for legal registration and must review these regulations for acceptance.
The Management reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to not accept unwanted or excess guests.
Visitors are not allowed unless authorized, at the sole discretion of the Management, and all those admitted by the Management must provide their valid identification document with a photograph at the Reception; after the first free hour of stay, visitors must pay the regular hourly rate as per the Visitor Rates present and/or posted at the Reception and must leave the campground no later than 11:00 pm on the same day; if visitors wish to extend their stay, they must pay the rate as per the current annual price list applicable to the period, always subject to the campground Management's discretion, at its sole discretion, to not accept unwanted or excess visitors. A visitor who wishes to enter with a vehicle must be authorized at the sole discretion of the Management and in any case must pay the campground rate provided for in the price list in effect.
Campground customers are required to ensure that visitors they host have the Management's authorization and are, in any case, responsible for their behavior within the campground. Customers who host people not duly registered with the Management within the campground will be permanently removed.

2. Any arrival and departure within the group must be communicated to the Management, violation of these obligations is considered a serious violation and the Management will consequently take appropriate measures, up to removal from the campground.

3. The guest is required to: wear the identification bracelet given to them upon arrival which allows recognition of those authorized for campground access; Management and Staff delegated and/or assigned to Surveillance are authorized to stop and check those without one; check the accuracy of the group's registration and report any discrepancies to the Reception;

4. People caught in the campground without authorization will be reported to the judicial authorities for violation of domicile pursuant to art. 614 of the criminal code (violation of domicile).


5. The opening hours of the offices and various services are those posted in the individual rooms set up for this purpose.

6. From 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm and from 1:00 am to 7:00 am noise that may disturb campers' rest is strictly prohibited, such as: setting up or taking down tents, using radios or similar devices, noisy gatherings or meetings, using the playground and sports equipment.

7. From Monday to Friday the main entrance gate is closed from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm and from 1:00 am to 7:00 am; on Saturdays and Sundays the main entrance gate is closed from 1:00 am to 7:00 am; during these closing periods, circulating, entering or exiting with motor vehicles is strictly prohibited. The use of bicycles is prohibited from 1:00 am to 7:00 am. Pedestrian access is always permitted during these times.

8. Devices that play sounds must always be kept at a low volume so as not to disturb the peace.

9. For the pool, the use of a swimming cap and slippers is mandatory and you must shower before getting in the water. It is strictly forbidden to enter the water clothed and to introduce mattresses or any other object. It is also prohibited to bring food and drinks inside the pool area. Children under the age of eight must always be accompanied by their parents.

10. Customers must settle their stay bill, whether in Bungalow or on the pitch, upon arrival. The Bungalow must be vacated by 9:00 am and the pitch by 12:00 pm on the day of departure.

11. Vehicles within the campground must proceed at walking speed and be parked in the parking areas located South and North. Parking them along the paths and on the pitches, even temporarily vacant ones, is strictly prohibited. Customers who park vehicles in areas not intended for parking will no longer be granted access with those vehicles inside the campground by the Management.

12. Access with vehicles to the southern area of the campground is allowed only with authorization from the Management and at its sole discretion; vehicle access is also allowed in the aforementioned area and at times established by the Management for disabled access and/or for loading/unloading goods that cannot be carried by hand.

13. Damaging plants, using them as supports, tying ropes or irons to them, improperly using campground equipment, such as digging holes, pouring boiling liquids or waste on the ground, lighting open fires, throwing materials that can clog sewers into the toilets, etc. is strictly prohibited. The campground is not liable for damage resulting from falling trees or branches or other damage deriving from natural disasters, accidents and unforeseeable events.
Leaving unattended containers or cans of products labeled as hazardous (e.g. corrosive, toxic, flammable, etc.) is prohibited.

14. Tying with cables or ropes (e.g. for shades or tents) that constitute an obstacle to pedestrian or vehicle traffic or present risks of collisions, falls or cuts is prohibited. Where possible, if authorized by the Management, ties placed at head height must be clearly marked with flags, signs or similar. It is also prohibited to fence off pitches or obstruct passage between them in any way.

15. Minors are admitted if accompanied by parents or guardians, provided they are adults. Children must always be accompanied in the use of the various equipment and toilets. Parents are directly responsible for their children. Children must be supervised by the parents themselves and in this regard the Management declines all responsibility.

16. Minors under 18 years of age are not admitted unless accompanied by an adult who assumes responsibility for them in their own right or minors under 18 may be admitted, if equipped with an authorization letter signed in original by those who are responsible for them according to the declaration that must be delivered to the Management. Minors must be supervised by their parents or an adult who will be directly responsible for both their safety with reference to the use of the equipment made available, and any damage they may cause to equipment, services or anything else. The same rule applies for minors with the aforementioned authorization. Any activity that the minor carries out within the campground must be carried out under the supervision of the parent and/or companion who has assumed direct responsibility.

17. Only the special sinks must be used for washing laundry and dishes; it is therefore prohibited to use drinking water fountains for washing swimsuits, dishes, clothes, animals and anything else.

18. Dogs and other animals are admitted if properly vaccinated and insured. Their presence must be reported at the time of booking. Dogs must be kept on a leash and cannot roam freely within the campground. For their physiological needs they must be taken outside the campground or accompanied to the runaround area located in the northern part of the campground. If they make a mess inside the campground, the owner must immediately remove and clean it up. Furthermore, owners are personally responsible for any damage caused to people or property.

19. Washing animals is only permitted in the areas specifically reserved for this purpose at the north restrooms.

20. Waste, collected in closed bags, must be deposited in the appropriate recycling bins located behind the campground. It is prohibited to dispose of bulky waste inside the campground such as: furniture, nets, mattresses, appliances, bikes etc.

21. Gas cylinders owned by campers must comply with the law and must be used and stored properly and correctly.

22. Installing antennas of any kind for radio-TV reception on metal supports, plants or structures is strictly prohibited.

23. It is mandatory to use the appropriate spaces to empty the chemical toilet or discharge into the camper service.


24. Making any modifications, maintenance or installations on the electrical supply panels (located within the campground) is prohibited except for connecting plug-socket only. All electrical material (cable-plug) must have an adequate degree of protection and insulation, in particular: the cable must be three-core, suitable for mobile installation, H07RN-F type, with conductors of at least 2.5 mm2 cross-section and maximum length of 25 meters; the plugs at the ends must both be 2P + T, 230 V-16 A compliant with CE I 23-12 standards. In any case, information can be requested at the Reception. The use of electricity is limited to lighting, as well as the operation of a small refrigerator. The use of ovens and electric hotplates is strictly prohibited. All sockets used must comply with CEE standards.

25. In the event of installation of entrance rooms, authorized by the Management, the camper by signing and accepting these Regulations declares to be fully aware of the regional and national provisions on the matter and on the requirement of mobility of the same (for example: prohibition of direct and permanent connection to water, electrical, sewer systems, etc.), as well as these regulations in particular with regard to the obligation of removal, precariousness and seasonality of the relationship.
The seasonal contract allows access to the pitch for a maximum of 8 people whose names must be provided in advance. Please note that up to a maximum of 4 people can stay in the campground at the same time for Seasonal without Connections and up to a maximum of 5 people at the same time for Seasonal with Connections and with Mobilhome. All names outside the eight indicated, who want to stay, will still have to pay the daily fee even if they fall within the limit of 4 or 5 people allowed, unless different written agreements with the Management.


26. No reductions are made in the event of arrival after or departure before the booked period. In the event of cancellation of the booking, the deposit will be refunded as follows: 100% of the deposit, if the cancellation is given 14 days before arrival - no refund in the case of cancellation less than the periods indicated above.

27. The housing units, equipment and internal fittings must be returned in the condition in which they were entrusted at the start of the stay. At the end of the stay, an inspection will be carried out in the housing units to check for any damage or missing items. Otherwise, the security deposit paid at the beginning of the stay will be withheld in whole or in part.

28. The hut and pitch number is always assigned by the Management and can be changed according to office needs. Campers must comply with the instructions given by the Management, both for parking the car and for setting up the tent or caravan, the equipment of which must be neatly arranged within the boundaries of the pitch.


29. In the event of suspension of electricity or water supply, the Management declines all responsibility and is not required to make any compensation for damage to people and property.

30. Each camper is required to keep their own property safe, including their car. The Management assumes no responsibility, in any case, for any loss or theft of valuables not deposited for safekeeping. Furthermore, the Management is not liable for accidents, accidental injuries and damage to equipment due to bad weather or caused by the camper themselves, nor for acts of vandalism on motor vehicles.

31. Anyone who, without the written consent of the management and adequate notice, creates unauthorized, dangerous or simply temporary structures or works of any kind, however deemed as such by the Management, authorizes the latter to immediately dismantle, remove and/or move and/or deposit them in the parking lot together with all equipment and accessories. In addition, the guest will be immediately removed from the campground and will be charged for the labor employed in the removal and dismantling of all goods at an hourly rate of 25.00 euros, plus statutory VAT. All goods can be collected from the parking areas during opening hours, with adequate notice and only accompanied by the accommodation facility staff. Customers undertake not to request reimbursement of the price list quota or compensation for work required in the campground until June included.

32. The Management recommends, in suitable areas, the discreet and responsible use of braziers and barbecues, in addition to avoiding their use at unsuitable times or on windy days, both due to the danger and out of respect for neighboring campers due to the disturbance caused by smoke. Please thoroughly extinguish after use and pay particular attention to secluded placement, in order to avoid serious accidents, especially for children.

33. The Campground is not liable for improper use of equipment, including swimming pool and playground.

34. The placement of Customers and related structures may be moved within the campground at the sole discretion of the Management for its organizational needs. Different written agreements between Management and Customers are valid.

35. By signing these Regulations for acceptance, you expressly authorize: the free use for information and advertising purposes by Camping La Medusa, of photographs or videos depicting and/or portraying, in addition to the undersigned contractor, guests of all ages and their families including minors for whom they are responsible, expressly waiving any claim for compensation or redress. It also authorizes the use of personal data for sending informational, documentary and promotional material.

36. At the start and end of the season, the management does not guarantee the full operation of all ancillary activities.

37. Each camper keeps their own property safe including their car inside the campground. In any case, the Management assumes no responsibility for any loss or theft of valuables not deposited for safekeeping.
Entering the campground implies accepting and fully complying with these regulations, which may be supplemented, separately, with additional rules that management deems appropriate to improve the functionality of the campground itself. Campground staff are authorized to enforce it and report those who do not comply with it to the Management. Non-compliers will be immediately removed from the campground. The Management reserves the right, in its judgment, to remove or not confirm the pitch for the following year for those guests who, due to their behavior, are undesirable, damage the image of the campground or otherwise disrupt the harmony and spirit of hospitality and the smooth running of community life.

38. The Court of Ancona has jurisdiction over any disputes.

Where are we situated?

Directly on the beach of Porto Recanati in the heart of Riviera del Conero

Camping la Medusa gives you the chance to discover the beauty of unaltered nature and guarantees a relaxing and fun holiday.

The perfect place to relax in Porto Recanati!

  • Directly on the beach of Porto Recanati
  • 1Km from Conero's Park
  • A few Km Numana and Sirolo's beaches
  • A few Km to must see towns like Loreto and Recanati
  • The ideal place to try and practice all kind of sports and remain in close touch with nature
camping eco friendly
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